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French Hot Dog only 25UAH

In the Cafe "Bistro" (SEC Feride Plaza), a novelty, a French hot fog only for  25UAH.

Sushi menu

Tired of the old? Try new! Original rolls, large portions and real Japanese drinks.

In the east they say: "Tandoor is the heart of Teahouse"

Food in it is prepared by the heat from the hot walls. The dishes are fried quickly and evenly, while maintaining all the taste, juiciness and useful properties.  

A good breakfast is the key to a successful day!

Are we striving for Europe? It is said that the European breakfast is held on three main products-eggs, butter and cheese. European continental breakfast - in most hotels it's a drink + a bun. We offer you for breakfast various types of cereals, yoghurts, rolls, tea, coffee, cereals and a variety of drinks! Breakfast at our hotel makes unrivaled confectioners, baking it on the best modern equipment in the bakery of Vityazevo. That's why - all the buns, puffs, pastries…