Night club "Feride Plaza"

Administrator +38 (063)-299-44-88

Night club “Feride Plaza”

Night club FERIDE - the most popular nightclub in our city according to city lovers to hang out. It was created in a demanding style and equipped with "the latest technology."

Our club FERIDE is a symbiosis of a conference hall, a concert venue and a disco for adults and children. The club has a place to turn around, have fun and eat! A wide range of beverages and desserts, as well as cold and hot dishes will not leave you indifferent.


Full range of services for organizing events
(concerts, corporate holidays, birthdays, presentations, fashion shows and more)

- development of a scenario plan;
- Selection of artists, animators;
- Creation of an individual menu;
- full technical maintenance of the area;
- Thematic design of the area;

Service cost: negotiated individually

Rent of the hall 050 3138985 (Director)
Event Department: 063 8399755 (Art Director)
Order of tables: 063 2994488 (Administrator)

Rules of club

  1. In order to prevent conflict situations regarding the cost of ordered drinks or other assortment of bars / restaurants, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the menu offered.
  2. In case of a conflict situation or asocial behavior of a guest / club guests, night club security has the right to withdraw guests / guests from the club without explaining the reason for withdrawal.
  3. Persons seen in antisocial behavior, and those that create conflict situations on the club's territory, are put on the "black list" and are not allowed into the club.
  4. To prevent conflict situations and maintain public order in the night club is video surveillance.
  5. To use a first aid kit, you should contact the club's administration or the club's security representatives.
  6. The security service and the club's administration may refuse to visit you at the nightclub on the basis of "Face control" and "Dress code", without explaining the reasons for their refusal.
  PROHIBITED Visiting the night club by persons under 18 years of age. Carry on the territory of the club food and alcoholic beverages, as well as drink alcohol at the entrance to the nightclub. Carry and take narcotic and toxic substances on the territory of a night club. To carry out photo and video shooting with professional photo and video cameras. Carry on the territory of the night club cold and  firearms, as well as other types of special protection equipment (gas cartridges, shockers and other means of self-defense). Visit a nightclub in sportswear. Visit the club in dirty clothes. To visit the club in a state of narcotic, toxic and / or strong alcohol intoxication. Interfere with the work of the club's staff. To show aggressive or antisocial mood, create discomfort to other club guests and / or interfere with the normal functioning of the club. Be with glassware and drinks on the dance floor of the club and on the entrance glass staircase, and also sit on the railings of the fences for each tier. Undressing on the dance floor. To take out dishes outside the territory of a night club RULES OF USE OF A CLUB CARD Buy a club card at the checkout. The cost of the card is 50 UAH. Add to the club card the amount of money you need for rest. Go to the night club "FERIDE", using the purchased club card. Order drinks / snacks / hot dishes / dessert. Pay for the order with a club card (with a lack of money on the club card, it can be replenished with the help of a waiter or at the cashbox). Rest in a format that is convenient for you. Leave the club as many times as you wish (the right of entrance to your club card is valid until the end of the party). Unused funds on the account of your club card are saved and can be used in your next visit to the club. The validity period of the club card is unlimited. The money deposited on the club card is not refundable and is only for use in the nightclub "FERIDE" In order to avoid misunderstandings in connection with the substitution of your club card, remember its number The lost club cards are not restored. For all questions that arise during your stay at our club, please contact the club administration.

FAQS How to get to the night club "FERIDE"?

In order to get to our club, you need to buy a club card worth 50 UAH. in the box office of the club.

The rules for using the club card are set out above.

What is the party today and how much is the entrance?

The actual information about the parties is available in the section Poster and on our page Vkontakte.

* We do not take responsibility for the incorrect content of the information on the partners' websites! Therefore, we ask you to check the information in advance.When and where will the photo report be uploaded from the party?

Photos are posted on the Internet in 2-3 days


You can order a table by contacting the administrator of the Night Club "FERIDE" at the phone number: +380 (63) 299-44-88.

Deposit system of tables:


Deposit system of tables for Disco 90's.



Dj Maboo / Art-director "Feride Plaza"

DJ MABOO (Viktor Gnatyuk)- Art director, DJ. His sets are a mixture of beautiful vocal parts with a powerful and driving house. A mixture of nostalgic house hits and the newest up-to-date material. A fantastic feeling of the dance floor, a great musical taste, always tries, that he would go on his performance, unforgettably and remember for a long time... VK: tel: 063 83-99-755  

rez3Dj Zayons

DJ ZAYONS-Zhenya Zaitsev, who is also Dj Zayons (Vinnitsa), is deservedly one of the best DJs in Vinnitsa, the favorite of the audience, a charismatic and talented artist, always knows and feels the mood and desire of the audience. His set is a charge of positive, joy and quality sound! VK:  

                Dj Letskiy

DJ LETSKIY – DJ with a powerful cocktail of a multifaceted house of sound, the set of which, always energetik your night. Excellent sense of the dance floor, always leave only positive emotions and mood! Each party with the participation of DJ Letskiy, is a holiday for you and your company. VK: