Center of Medical Cosmetology

Butterfly Center for Medical Cosmetology, offers services Laser Hair Removal Laser removal of blood vessels Face cleaning ....   Diathermocoagulant Diathermocoagulation (electrocoagulation) - coagulation ("moxibustion") or cutting tissues due to the influence of electric current of high frequency. In contrast to thermocoagulation, the electrode itself is practically not heated. There…

Spa salon Butterfly

Spa-Center We always strive for a sense of inner peace, balance, but the world often changes, so quickly that you do not always keep up with its pace. And then comes a time when we just need a place where you can regain strength. Someone will decide that the only…

Beauty Salon Butterfly

Women's Hall: - haircut for women (90-150grn) - haircut for children (50-80grn) - haircut bangs (20-50 hrn) - partial haircut (40-80grn) - washing head (40-60grn) - drying hair (50-80grn) - hair styling (60-140grn) - weaving (80-250grn) - a solemn hairdress (250-450 UAH)    Manicure services: - European manicure (60-70grn) -…

Center for Beauty and Health "Butterfly"

The beauty and health center BUTTERFLY is not just a center for rest, relaxation and enjoyment ... It is a center of healing, rejuvenation and improvement of oneself from the outside and inside. The center where you are changing, you are in harmony with yourself and the world around you! The center is designed taking into account the requirements of the time and the most demanding customers. It is equipped with modern and unique high-tech medical equipment for Ukraine to eliminate imperfections of the skin of the face and body, as well as the condition of the hair on the head, including due to age-related changes. Graduated specialists work here. They will listen to you, give a professional recommendation and carefully conduct the procedure, thus giving you confidence and making you happier!


At a convenient time for you, you can visit one of three or all three centers at once, being part of the Beauty and Health Center BUTTERFLY, having previously registered for the procedures:

- in the Center of Medical Cosmetology
- in the Spa-center
- in the Beauty Center
- Depilation and Epilation
- Solarium
- Manicure (nail extensions, nail polish gel coating, varnish coating)
- Pedicure
- Hairdressing services
- Cosmetic procedures for the face (Cleaning, Peelings, etc.)
- Anti-aging procedures
- Eyelash extension
- Lamination of hair
- Shielding of hair
- Silk hair revitalization
- Correction of the figure with the help of: vacuum-roller massage, vacuum-membrane massage, pressotherapy, myostimulation, anti-cellulite wrapping (orange, chocolate, algae mask)
- Laser procedures from 190 UAH - and much more!

Center for Medical Cosmetology and Beauty Center BUTTERFLY, 4th floor.

Working hours: daily from 10:00 to 20:00. Day off - Sunday

Spa BUTTERFLY, 5th floor.


Working hours: daily from 10:00 to 20:00. The day off is Sunday.

Beauty Center: